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Our unique small group tutoring sessions give students the opportunity to design their own creative adventure. Maybe you just want to learn stone setting. Maybe you need to brush up on your soldering skills. Or you might need to be walked through a complex project step by step. We can guide you through anything from making a single piece to developing your new spring line, without wasting time or money learning things you don’t need. Your tutoring session is shared with a maximum of 4 other students.

A unique application of our customized tutoring allows couples to design and actually create each other’s wedding rings! Peter will walk you through step by step, and can complete any aspect of the rings that you’re not comfortable doing yourself. .

Private Instruction

Sometimes, it's all about you. We get that. So we offer private instruction and consultation in all aspects of jewelry design and creation. You can schedule up to three hours of intense "one on one" time with Peter to get going on your project quickly AND privately.