Introduction to Wax Carving

Did you know that most of the jewelry that you see started out as a piece of wax? Lost wax casting utilizes special jeweler’s waxes to create a design, which can then be cast into gold, silver, or platinum. From the first metal piece, a mold can be made to reproduce a few or a few hundred more. We offer four sections of wax carving classes, each one suitable for beginners; students should feel free to start with any section. Each class section allows students to choose one piece to cast in sterling silver. (Pieces may be cast in gold or platinum for an additional charge.)

Wax A teaches basic techniques used to pierce, shape, and hollow, and includes a “stack” ring project carved from round wax tube. Students will also be introduced to using a wax pen for "build up" techniques.
Wax B introduces a layered pendant and mirror image earrings, with the focus on build up and hollowing.
Wax C explores the use of D shaped wax tube to create a "D-Blank", which will be continued to other ring designs. Students will also experiment with engraving and texturing techniques using cold carvers and the wax pen.
Wax D will take students from a pre-made D-Blank to a gypsy ring for a faceted stone. This class does not include creating the actual D-Blank, which is covered in Wax C.

Classes are completely independent and may be taken in any order; many students choose to repeat the sections that are of particular interest in their work. (This class does not include casting)