Stone Setting Workshops

These evening or Sunday workshops are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Topics include:
Bezels for faceted stones
Flush and Gypsy

When no workshops are scheduled, students are encouraged to pursue their stone setting skills through small group tutoring.

Currently scheduled: Bead and Flush Setting

Stone setting is an art unto itself, one that experts spend years of their lives perfecting. But if you're willing to practice, these introductory workshops will have you well on your way to setting a variety of stones in your own designs.

Flush Setting is a technique which involves setting small stones, usually round, "flush" with the surface of the metal. The stone is held in by a tiny edge of burnished metal, leaving a clean, unembellished surface.

Bead Setting is similar to flush mounting, but the stones are held in place by tiny beads of metal that are "raised" from the surrounding surface. This results in a more decorative appearance.

The two setting styles are used extensively in fine jewelry, and learning these techniques will go a long way towards enhancing the professionalism of your designs.