Soft Wax Workshop

Would you like to make “instant” jewelry? Then the incredibly user friendly soft wax is for you. These workshops start with an introduction to soft sculpting wax in it’s various forms, where students create a pendant or ring using simple tools and techniques. We continue the day exploring more complex applications:

Soft Wax A includes a sculpted wax pendant and faceted stone ring.
Soft Wax B includes a flat wax pendant and a cabochon stone ring.
Soft Wax C includes a cap for a stone or crystal and a wax wire ring.

The class fee includes having one of your pieces lost wax cast into sterling silver, pre-polished, and having one stone set for you. Alternatively, students may choose to learn to polish the piece and set the stone themselves in three hour tutoring sessions. (Pieces may be cast in gold or platinum for an additional charge.)

A two hour version of this class is available for those looking to just "get their feet wet" in these techniques. The short class features an intro to the materials and the creation of a simple pendant design, which will be cast into sterling silver.


This fun evening workshop uses wax techniques to create a variety of small charms, limited only by your imagination. Use these to start a line, create a special gift, or jazz up your beaded designs. The class fee includes casting 4 of your designs in sterling silver.