Introduction to PMC

PMC is a space age compound of organic binders infused with particles of pure silver, that fuses into solid metal when fired in a kiln. This workshop will cover basic techniques of working with the clay, a sculpy “practice session” to formulate a design, and creating a variety of pieces from the 28 grams of PMC provided. Students will have a chance to participate in firing at least one of their pieces, as well as learn techniques for incorporating a small faceted stone.

PMC for Enamel

Because Precious Metal Clay fires to 99.9% pure silver, it is especially well suited to creating designs for glass enameling. PMC for Enamel is a special version of our introductory class; students will learn basic techniques, as well as have the option to explore ideas for designs that are particularly suited to the enameling process. This is a Saturday class, followed on Sunday by Introduction to Enamel with guest instructor Cathie Bagwell. We encourage you to take both classes and see how well these materials work together!