Introduction to Metalsmithing

Pierce, solder, hammer, polish... the three class sections of this technique based series will introduce you to all the basic concepts of working in metal.

Metals A
will introduce you to piercing, soldering, and polishing a pendant, adding jump rings, and simple chainmaking.
Metals B features different projects using basic techniques, and includes making and embellishing a band, fabricating a series of "stackable" wire rings, and piercing a pair of "mirror image" earrings.
Metals C focuses on bezel setting; projects include fabricating a bezel for a ring and a pendant, as well as exploring the use of premanufactured bezels.
Metals D offers an introduction to chain making, including a handmade clasp. Students will create a charm bracelet with pierced and stamped charms.

The classes are designed to be completely independent and require no prior experience; students may take sections in any order, and are free to repeat the classes that are of particular interest to them.