Introduction to Enamel

Enameling is the art of fusing powdered glass to metal. In addition to being beautiful, it can also be one of the most intimidating and frustrating techniques to learn. But not on our watch! Join us for this fast paced one day introduction as Cathie Bagwell demystifies and simplifies basic enameling techniques like sifting, wet packing, cloisonne, and successful firing. A broad range of enamel powders as well as fine silver "blanks" will be provided for your designs.

Students who completed the PMC for Enamel class can use this opportunity to add some vibrant colors to their own designs.

Torch Enameling

Yeah, we know. EVERYONE wants to learn enameling. That is, until they actually LEARN enameling and how many hours in front of a hot kiln it takes to create that masterpiece. Peter's solution? Hit it with a torch and see what happens. Torch enameling has it's limitations, but also offers a fast, fun way to incorporate this ancient art into your pieces. If your creativity is greater than your attention span, this class is for you!