Most cultures of the world have beliefs that supernatural powers can be compelled, or at least influenced, to act in certain ways. The traditional charm magic of the American South was based on the premise that everything in the natural world either contains an indwelling spirit, or can help direct the power of some external spirit, to improve our daily lives.

Mojos, or gris-gris as they are sometimes called, are charms that you carry with you. They traditionally contain at least three items that are believed to have magical properties. Adhering to the principles of imitative and contagious magic, herbs, roots, minerals, and oils  are chosen because their physical appearance, their names, or their everyday functions symbolize the desired attribute or action.

While bottle spells are common in a variety of magical systems, our potion bottles, or ”prayers in a bottle”,  are a somewhat inverted interpretation of the southern conjure tradition of a Mojo bag. These small flannel bags of herbs, charms, and curios would be carried on the person, or kept in a hidden and protected place, depending on their purpose. The owner would “feed” the mojo with specific formula oils that would acivate and enhance its power.

We have placed traditional components in a glass vial of the appropriate oil, using the traditional southern style conjure formulations, and turned it into magic you can wear.  It is equally appropriate to use as personal adornment, or to place it in or out of view in any personal space.


Imitative and Contagious Magic